Information Regarding The League Board

  • The Northeast Little League Softball Board is comprised of volunteers from the community.
  • The Board is elected during each October board meeting. Any person who has served as a volunteer for NELLS may be nominated to serve as a Board member.
  • The League Board meets regularly on the second Sunday of each month at 6:30 pm at St. Joe United Methodist Church, 6004 Reed Rd.
  • Our current League Board is listed below. Terms run from October 1 though September 30.

Your 2023-2024 NELLS Board Members

Contact Phone
Email Address
League President
Nicole Galbraith
[email protected]
League Vice-President
Mike Ruiz
League Scheduler
[email protected]
Player Agent
Stephanie Golden
[email protected]
Facilities & Safety Manager
Joe Galbraith
[email protected]
Equipment Manager
Rachel Swing
[email protected]
Sponsorship Coordinator
Jon Stantz
[email protected]
Joe Galbraith
[email protected]
Communications Director
Caroline Foster
[email protected]
Concessions Director
At Large
Alison Schortgen

League Board Duties


  • Oversees the affairs of all elements of the League.
  • Attends all board meetings of NELLS and District 10.
  • Approves all expenditures
  • Determines NELLS board meeting dates
  • Resolves problems and disputes
  • “Looks Forward”
  • Ensures safety of facilities, players, fans, and equipment.
  • Administers coaches training.
  • Point of contact for parents and prospective players.
  • Prepares charter for league.


  • Backup to president
  • Attends all board meetings of NELLS and District 10.
  • Coordinator for NELLS Jamboree Day
  • Sets up and directs NELLS Fall Ball
  • Procures year end awards for prep and unicorn divisions

League Scheduler:

  • Creates in-house game schedule.
  • Works with District 10 to schedule inter-league games.
  • Reschedules rainout games.
  • Schedules preseason practices.
  • Communicates with teams, umpires, and concessions about rainouts.
  • Reconciles annual umpire billing.

Player Agent:

  • Organizes registration process
  • Keeps all non-financial records of the league.
  • Organizes tryouts.
  • Prepares prep team rosters
  • Submits all rosters to Little League International.
  • Conduct draft for minor, major, and junior leagues.
  • Places uniform order for all teams.
  • Determines managers. (With board approval.)
  • Prepares all-star affadavits
  • Conducts all-star selection / tryout.

Facilities & Safety Manager:

  • Prepares safety plan and submits to Little League International
  • Monitors league compliance to Safesport Child Protection Program
  • Responsible for background checks on all volunteers.
  • Point person for all safety related issues
  • Responsible for injury tracking & reporting.
  • Procures diamond maintenance products
  • In charge of maintenance day.
  • Coordinates mowing and lawn care schedule.
  • Monitors garbage collection.
  • Procures port-a-johns.
  • Monitors grounds including weeds, shed, and diamonds.

Equipment Manager:

  • In charge of distribution / collection of equipment.
  • In charge of safety aspect of all equipment including replacement.
  • Secures uniforms for regular and postseason.

Sponsorship Coordinator:

  • Secures team sponsors.
  • Secures advertising board / scoreboard sponsors.
  • Helps find companies / individuals to donate material or labor.
  • Distributes sponsorship appreciation plaques.


  • In charge of finances.
  • Pays bills.
  • Prepares monthly financial statements and budget.
  • Keeps list of payment plans and no-pays.
  • Procures league insurance
  • Prepares annual tax returns

Communications Director:

  • Keeps website up-to-date with all necessary data.
  • Sends emails to all league participants as directed by president.
  • Creates preregistration news letter.
  • Keeps website schedule and scores up-to-date.

Concessions Director:

  • Stocks and maintains inventory of concession stand during season
  • Recruits labor to operate concession stand
  • Determines products and prices of concession stand (With Board Approval)

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