Sometimes Life Happens

We understand that registering your child for little league takes months of future planning and sometimes these plans do not always work out. It is our mission to provide a positive experience for families no matter what the outcome and we will work with you to provide options, credits, or refunds depending on your individual circumstances.

Please understand that running a league such as ours requires advanced purchasing and planning for team selection, uniforms, and equipment.  All withdrawal fees reflect what we have already paid for your child in advance.

All requests for refunds, credits, and withdrawals must be made in writing to the NELLS Player Agent.

Your Can Email The League Player Agent By Clicking This Link

Standard Withdrawal Policy

Northeast Little League Softball offers the following refund policy if a child is withdrawn from the league.

  1. If the player withdraws or quits before tryouts, a 100% Refund will be provided.
  2. If the player withdraws or quits after tryouts, NO refund will be allowed.

Injury Policy

Being parents ourselves, we understand that your children never stop riding bikes or skating, and that there is always potential for your child to get injured before their season is complete.

If your child experiences an injury that prevents them from participating with their team and you choose to withdraw them from the season, contact us as soon as you can so we can discuss your options.

If the player is deemed medically unable to participate (with a doctor’s note) before the fourth scheduled game, a 50 % refund will be allowed. This refund will be applied to the next years fees. Unless the player ages out of the league, moves or chooses not to participate, then a refund will be processed within two weeks.

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