Time To Suit Up


NELLS provides uniform jerseys and socks for all the players in our softball programs. Parents are responsible for purchasing pants and belts for their players. To keep things as simple as possible, all teams will wear black pants.

Pants and belts can be purchased at local sporting goods stores such as the listed stores below or at online retailers.

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Dunham’s Sporting Goods

Additional pairs of socks will be available purchase though the league concession stand throughout the season.  If you have any questions about the uniforms please contact [email protected].

Softball Cleats

NELLS requires that its players have molded plastic cleats rather than metal ones.

The reason we do not allow metal cleats are because they pose a danger to players involved in sliding plays.

Approved molded cleats can be made of varying materials, depending on the price point. The lower priced molded cleats are designed for younger players that quickly outgrow their cleats and do not need to have them for a long time. They also tend to have shorter cleats to be more forgiving for in-experienced players. The higher priced molded cleats are made of a stiffer rubberized plastic material that varies for different manufacturers, that are designed to give the most traction to a player that cannot use a metal cleat. These harder plastic materials are much lighter than the rubber cleats and metal cleats. All molded cleats are designed to be the most comfortable cleated shoe, because they tend to have the highest number of cleats, spread out on the pressure points of the foot.

Fielding Faceguards

While softball is one of the safest sports to play, concussions remain a real risk for players — especially those who frequently field line drives from batters. That’s partly why fans and spectators can expect to see more girls wearing faceguards than they have in the past.
We at NELLS do not require fielding faceguards.  But they are recommended for any players that play in our older programs.  Right now fielding faceguards are a personal decision for players and parents. 
We have included a short video for you to watch that explains the benefits and features of faceguards.

Batting Gloves

Batting gloves are another piece of equipment that can help your daughter with gripping the bat and preventing unnecessary stinging injuries that may cause young players to fear batting.  NELLS does not require batting gloves but they do provide an added benefit.

Batting Helmets

At NELLS our league provides batting helmets to all of its teams for the girls to use.  These are inspected and cleaned yearly and replaced if found to be damaged or aged to the point that they no longer safe. 

But, many players prefer to have their own personal batting helmets.  These helmets offer many different features that can improve comfort and safety of the player.

If you as a parent choose to purchase a helmet for your daughter then it must have a face mask in order to be allowed for play.  The helmet must also be approved by NOCSAE.  You will see a logo on the inside of the back of the helmet stating that it meets the NOCSAE Standard.  Helmets not stamped with the logo will not be allow for play.

Below is a short video to help explain how to buy a helmet.

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