2024 Spring Registration Now Open Until March 8th 2024

Unicorn League

Ages 4-6

Fundamentals First Tee-Ball Replacement
Ball Placed On Tee
Season Lasts From 4/22 Till 6/15

Prep League

Ages 6-8

Structured Games With Focus On Improving Knowledge of the Game
Coach Pitched Games
Season Lasts From 4/22 Till 7/2 + Postseason Tournament

Minor League

Ages 8-10

First Introduction to Competitive Softball
Player Pitched with Coach Assistance
Season Lasts From 4/22 Till 7/2 + Postseason Tournament

Major League

Ages 11-12

Competitive Games Focused on Teamwork & Improving Skills
Player Pitched
Season Lasts From 4/22 Till 7/2 + Postseason Tournament

Junior League

Ages 13-16

Competitive Games For More Skilled Players
Player Pitched
Season Lasts From 5/15 Till 7/2 + Postseason Tournament
  • Multi-Player Family Discount
    $25 Discount Per Child
    At NELLS we value every player that joins our league. We also value the financial contributions of families of these players. We as a not-for-profit league do everything in our power to minimize the financial impact on families with multiple players participating. Therefore once a child is registered each of her younger sisters who also registers will receive a $25 reduction in their registration fees.
  • Late Registration Fee After 2/13/23
    $25 Per Child
    Any registrations received after the cutoff date are subject to an administrative fee. This fee covers addition costs associated with adding players to teams after the cutoff. eg. (extra uniforms, equipment, and filing paperwork with Little League International). There is no guarantee that a player registered after 3/10 will be able to be placed with a team.

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